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Back in the 60s
A pagan Woodstock nation
Sung of peace and love
Protested all authority
Now we’re older, none the wiser
Still playing with fire

Riots and the Middle East
Songs and signs and slogans
In demonstration
Indignation to this insanity
We can destroy the world ten times over
We have enough weaponry
To put the species under
Will we escape the cruel fate
That lies in wait around the corner
We’re hovering on the border
Of death and life
Of day and night

What is love, what is peace?
Is everyone united
On exactly what they’re hoping to achieve
Do we really want to live
Or just survive
Can we in and of ourselves
Tow the lifeline
Can we achieve a lasting peace?
Can we attain true salvation?
Salvation in the name of man
In the name of woman
Some say “yes”
Others “no,” adamantly
As for me I’ll tell you truthfully
No apologies
I’m sorry
I don’t believe we can, no

But I do believe in the Prince of Peace
Jesus Christ
Sure we’ve all heard of Him
He just won’t go away it would seem
Cannot deny that He lived
And was crucified
And that He rose again from the dead
And in a very real way He is alive
He survived the sting of death
Yes He did, my friend
Do you believe that Jesus rose from the grave?
Cause if He did
That changes everything

Jesus said that He alone
Was the Way and the Truth and the Life
That the path to life was narrow
But the road to destruction is wide
What will you do with Him
Who sacrificed Himself that you might live?
‘Cause Jesus claimed to be Almighty God
Yet for this reason was He put to death

Greater love has no one than this
Than to lay down their life for a friend
Greater love has no one than this
Than to lay down their life for a friend
Then He said, you are my friends
Jesus said, you are my friends
If you do whatsoever I have commanded you
This commandment I give you
That you love one another just as I have loved you
This commandment I give you
That you love one another just as I have loved you
Talkin’ ‘bout love, love, love, love, love
Unconditional love, love, love, love, love
Jesus is, God is love, love, love, love, love
Real unselfish love, love, love, love

Hear me sisters and brothers
Take a real close look at how we treat each other
In our own backyards
The walls are up, the lines are down
And superficiality abounds
And truth is stranger than fiction
And peace
Oh peace is just a word we use like love
We take it in vain
Just like the name of God’s only begotten Son
Jesus Christ Almighty

Behold, memorials eulogizing soldiers
Killed on not-so-distant shores
For the sake of freedom
In the name of peace
In the war to end all wars
Yet as we speak, this very hour
Young people are being blown away
In anonymity
Cool, relentlessly
Their young blood cries out from the grave

There was a young Man once
Who shed His precious blood
To win the war to end all wars
Now He’s seated at the right hand of His Father
High in heaven and is soon to return here
I’m His ambassador
Sent to declare to you
His peace that passeth understanding
Peace in your heart, peace of mind
That can only start
Once you’re reconciled to your Creator
Prepare to meet thy Maker.


from Interlude (full album), released June 8, 2017


all rights reserved



Incidental Music Vancouver, British Columbia

Welcome to the Jesus Music site of Sean and Friends, featuring independent recordings spanning four decades. To God be the Glory!
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