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Underdog (full album)

by Incidental Music

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School Daze 01:51
Me and my buddies We used to have a ball We’d live it up and drink Till we couldn’t recall We’ve all since moved away To greener pastures, and hey We just can’t seem To give it up at all We get together We get some Vitamin A We read into brainstorms And figure it all out in a day But when we all come down We’re shorted to the ground And with a bitter pill Break down on the killing floor ... Speed kills, man.
Torn between a sad life And the real me What a way to be Like a figurine Hope to sweat it out Can’t hope – need results Who to consult? And here come the devil Dug deep in darkness So far away from home Down the garden path Into the danger zone Oh no ... Caught up in the phases Of this fading age Loaned to cruel fate Born ten years too late Lost behind the pages Of a fairy tale The ship rocks to and fro Where did the magic go? Now reverse ground has dug in deeper Repelling magnetism in other people Amid the wreckage of living dead The Spirit is calling to you The final test to find a Friend Who can rescue you from ruin In our search to find an open door Takes but one key, undoes the bolt To your heart To your heart Make your soul Make your soul Make your soul whole And go help another poor soul …
Underdog 04:50
The inmates are running the asylum Same old circus, different clowns Underdog Fall out with the tribal leaders Fall in with the great unwashed Underdog In the crosshairs You are locked As armchair quarterbacks boo and scoff Underdog Trampled underfoot, branded loser Off the bandwagon, see them jump Underdog Down and out with no time left on the clock You took one for the team, Champion Underdog Flaming out in a blaze of glory Snatching victory from the tyrant’s jaws Underdog So uncork the new wine of Your triumph Lift up your hearts, sing a new anthem Underdog Underdog Underdog You Underdog!
Sitting alone in the café Nowhere to go but to depths he has sounded Sitting unnoticed, unfathomed Dim flickering hope sights the moat, he is surrounded Dreaming and thinking collide and riot To incite the wee hours of the morning light Piracies lash at his mind Deep inside he must find strength to last another torrid night I keep a night light by my pillow At night it helps me to my sleep And the farces of today don’t dare stand in the way Of the force of mother nature. Sitting alone in the bar, your time has come too far Now you’re a loner holding the bag Wife and boy ain’t home no more, they took off with a star But at least you got the car Drink until you sink yourself down till your hands reach for the ground You won’t be driving anymore Did you have to prove it anyway? Not much else to say: he always drew an unlucky card Should keep a night light by your pillow These days it gets so hard to sleep And the things that keep us awake Hey, they sure hold a lot of sway on human nature. Sitting at home in your mansion Nowhere to go, though everything’s open Anything to want is at your feet A life so complete, so what needs to be spoken? Well you can tell me And I can tell you It don’t matter baby really what we do Cause I love you And that’s all that matters You’ve got to love me After all that matters.
Lying low Trying to make ends meet Dying slowly Get on your feet Wise and holy Yet so unhappy Life’s a lonely Yet oh, can be so sweet If you can strike a tune between yourself and you You’d know I’d love you girl and I’d do anything for you Tell me what to do, don’t tell me that you’re through I’d do anything for you. Going through with the motions Passing the time There is no secret potion for peace of mind Life is an ocean with an ebbing tide So may we find the solution After we die If you can strike a tune between yourself and you You’ll know I’d love you girl and I’d do anything for you Tell me what to do, don’t tell me that you’re through I’d do anything for you. Strike up a tune between yourself and you I love you girl, I’d do anything for you Tell me what to do, please don’t tell me that you’re through I’d do anything for you I’d do anything for you.
Started on a summer’s day Beechwood Forest came to be Branded in our collective psyche A madman’s legacy No respecter of persons Old men and women Young boys and girls In a struggle for survival On starvation rations Waxing axiomatic “Labour makes freedom” “To each his due” As the yellow star diaspora Was doomed to perish In a reign of terrors In a house of horrors At Beechwood Forest Life was cheap. Fools wring their anguished hands: “How could this ever happen?” Goons flail their heiling arms: “Why did it take so long?” Heard spewing on the radio: Beechwood and its ilk were a hoax Elaborate conspiracy Concocted by world Jewry But that unnatural selection Of staggering tattooed skeletons Weren’t no figment of imagination.
Zoo 06:19
I went down into the farm And I looked at the animals I looked at all the different animals I saw sheep I saw lots of sheep, droves, flocks of sheep And I saw many pigs And some sharks Quite a few dogs And a couple of hens And a couple of chickens too I’m going to the zoo It’s what I’m going to do Going to the zoo Whatever price to pay I’m going to the zoo to look at the animals Let me tell you something my son You’re already in a, already in one. There’s only one problem With the animals at the zoo There’s only – (well actually there’s more than one but the major problem will do) They should not be in a cage No thing should be in a cage They should be free Like you and me are supposed to be today Hey, hey, can we come outside and play Someday? I’m going to the zoo That’s what I’m going to do We’ve got everything we really need (Can I come too?) You can come too if you can come to I’ve got lots of money Got five cents for popcorn Won’t go off to war …
Albatross 02:56
I have seen what you can’t see But you have seen through me But if you’d drop the war game This strategy wouldn’t be Easier said than done So you win What have you won? Ah, but albatross, you take what you need And then you split Limited, your thought says, “Feed” And the fish have less of a wit Hunter on the side Feeds his own whim: deep-rooted pride Take a side Wear a uniform Venerate a flag Take commands from someone’s right-hand man Salute the colours of black, white, blue or red Umpteen millions dead And still war fans Still war fanatics – oh no … Oh, you lucky seabird Too simple to be untrue Sad fact what’s going down Will endanger all, even you Hunters in the hills Move in for the kill Confounded own free will!
We’re all kind of crazy ‘round here Some take it to extremes When for every opposite There’s one to counteract on it There is a life that most folks Don’t even want to see Some sad people fall beyond it Others swear upon it The likes of you and me And oh, aren’t you glad to be alive Though we had to cross over Either side in our time Oh, who’s paying for you? And underlying under this life Is father time Mother nature has long awaited Sister saints and brothers jaded Abused and confined But oh, aren’t you glad to be alive Do the tightrope walk you can make it Or you can die Look who’s playing for you You want to know just why we’re here Why we have to live and die You want to know just why we’re we You think to know Sounds good, sounds good to me! Yet there may come a time while you’re alive And you don’t want to be There are two ways you can play it To give in ain’t easy when the going gets crazy It’s up to you, not me But oh, aren’t you glad to be alive Don’t you want to survive? Look who’s paying for you!
Act I It’s getting darker all the time Though the Light is always shining It’s hard, can be done but it’s hard To stay alive Life It’s getting darker all the time Darkest age all of mankind Still kings and queens rule over the peasants It’s getting lighter You just take it that way It’s getting lighter You just take it that way The dead of night will fade to light of day It’s getting lighter You just take it that way It’s getting lighter You just take it that way The Sovereign Deity is pledged to break the chains The stage is set The page is read As ages represent The hour of dread. Act II Lend your ears to wise seers of the street Standing room inside and all are greeted Stray up to the podium and speak your peace Let’s say what must be said and see if that can reach Gather near, ardent and fervent ring Have no fear, so few and far between Balanced on the divining rod of history A savage cross to bear, all wrongs and fallacies Everyone, no reason to be down Though ‘tis far worse per capita The earth’s forever turning round Round Writing’s on the wall one and all can see Scrambling for the door, fighting o’er the key Gambling in the corridors, more empty seats The house divides itself upon humanity Everyone This second time around does in your misery We felt every cloud Loud And all the world’s a stage. Act III Oh, the curtain falls No curtain call Oh, the urgent calls on deaf ears fall Oh, the coup de grace bombs a lurid lull Lull …
Wrong Train 03:09
Bad scene Can’t escape from that bad scene Everyone in this here bar Is looking out real mean The hardhat congregation The ever-growing redneck-ism The wrong train On the wrong track In the wrong trip In a trap Whiskey And the river of that creed Will take no mercy or effort to drown Many the has-been Whose only friend Is the Red Devil brand Of a lonely requiem In the wrong train On the wrong track In the wrong trip In a trap The Bad Bros. are at it again With their honey sucker poison The blind man’s bluff is pleaded He pays the fee Until he’s on his knees Bad scene Take me away from that bad scene Gun control got no control In a Sallinger zealot’s dream Come here, dear I still chill from the kill late Fall of ’80 (Assassino – Mundo loco!)
And so it goes, not so long ago My life was falling apart Got down so low I damned-near choked On the blood of my bleeding heart At the end of my rope Newfound utopia had a reprimand Without no friends did seem my end Still remember the Voice in my head said “Never surrender.” For the summer of my school daze was over I was down to the dregs And the band was on its last legs ‘Twas a bummer Reached the breaking point October High upon a mountainside Reached out and cried to the sky (help me!) Never surrender Never surrender to the devil Door-to-door J.W. boys Ornery 'Christian' salesman Draw the sword and thrust it toward My sorry mortal soul, man Oh, I got to get away, can’t take it this way: Are you for us, are you against us? So the page is writ and the Scripture’s ripped Yet from the bowels of my soul He said, “Never surrender!” Turned to face the music of my soul search And in the sound there was truth To be found in the inner groove To embrace the beauty of the whole earth So turn around inside you And tell yourself Good News! Well have you ever wondered ‘bout it Will we ever be free? Ever checked into the lost-and-found Of broken hearts and shattered dreams? So it goes, the cold winds blow Head-on, one-way, dead-end But where there’s hope you don’t let go Remember who your friends are And never surrender No never surrender Never surrender to the devil ...
Party's Over 05:34
Day after it rains on the parade The war is just begun, we cannot deny So the future is now Can only hope it don’t bring you down I show you what I’ve found and I won’t lie Why do we try to justify our deficit? Blinded by lies to cries in the wilderness On the brink of change for everything Everything The soul decay of modern man today Is a sign of the times of the swine Now the party’s over and the drinks are on the house As starter, and the dirty books will kindle the fire Time and again in the ides of history Man defending his pride and his dignity It will never the same for anyone Everyone Everyone Heavy metal devil reigns downs upon the Me Generation Readying the set for demagogue in wake of Revelation Technophilia megaton cosmic vulture preys upon the young That revel in its clutches, crying out for blood War rages on in nations minor Testing ground for superpowers Hoarding bombs and playing with fire Sounding off the eleventh hour Revolution shows its ugly face and rears its head No room left for the human race, a collision course is set The rich get richer, the poor get poorer The bomb could destroy all Still the moral to the story is in the book of love As for me Just call me the kingfisher Call me the kingfisher I call to the king fishers Call to the fishers of men for the King So let it be said the Rock of Age ain’t dead The Word that must be heard will never die The war has just begun …
Lost in the jungle Stranded behind enemy lines Lost in the jungle Shrapnel in my eye Am I going blind Lost in the jungle Ambushed from both sides And cut to shreds Young men left for dead Severed heads rot in the sunset I escaped and hid Along the river bed Magic summer All alone and lost in the jungle Lost in the jungle Captured by some V.C. tribe Lost in the jungle Strangled the guard Escaped into the night Lost in the jungle Staggered back to find the medic’s tent Saved from certain death Readied for stateside at sunrise Then the orders came Sent back up again Lent to the front And Charlie Dark in the jungle If I live to get back to Alabam' Blood will still be on my hands Ghosts of soldiers And souls I’ve never known Haunt me forever And I can never go home ...
Anacis 04:02
I don’t want to go back to Anacis An, I ain’t a-going to stay I don’t want to go back to Anacis Ani, I can’t take it this way I don’t want to go back to Anacis Said you would be mine But you’re lying Play it straight Don’t fake me baby Ani as I flashback to you Asleep in the bosom of Anacis Staying out of the mainstream Creeping to the sound of the underground Seeing no one and never being seen I feel a mean thing leaning on me Rude awakening from my pipedream A scream and it seems to be I got no choice But to walk the plank or swim upstream Anacis, you told me We were in tune And Anacis, she scold me By the light of her room And Anacis I see You’ve cast your spell on me I’d sworn upon your sordid view Allied in the light of your truth Anacis, you told me We were in tune And Anacis, she scold me By the light of the moon O, and Anacis I see You’ve laid a curse on me Sadness fills the silent throng Madness wills your siren song O, I don’t want to go back to Anacis An, I ain’t a-going to stay I don’t want to go back to Anacis An, I just can’t take it this way I don’t want to go back to Anacis Said you’re my key to life But you’re a liar Play it straight Don’t fake me baby Ani as I flashback to you Play it straight Don’t fake me baby An, I wish I’d never met you ...
People, we’re all essentially the same But ultimately no, and it’s all because of the games we play We ought to move out of the trivia, leave it all behind Lighten up the load upon your mind And people are all looking for their heaven Crippled by a brave new world, befelled by privates hells We’ve got to move out from the classes We’ve all been broken into Leave it all behind, have a good time Children, we’ll not let secrets come between us Belittled in the wake of a new age Still His guiding hand will reach us O, we can’t go on for long down here in Babylon Leave it all behind and carry on …


2007 seanosongs
Recorded 2007, Kitchener, ON
Remastered May-June 2020, The Cave, Vancouver, BC
Cover art: Ross Muir
Photo: Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof, 2006

With the exception of the title track as well as tracks 6 and 10, all of the material on Underdog was originally written (and recorded on 4-track cassette) between 1979-83.

Very much in the vein of 70s folk and progressive rock, it is a 'concept,' 'double' album of soul-searching apocalyptic existential angst mingled with faith and hope, an autobiography of exiting the public education system with little-to-no direction whatsoever and putting all of one's eggs into one basket - namely, a career in music - only to discover too late the emptiness and shallowness of fleeting fame and man's empty praises, the harsh realities of leaving the nest, and social injustices afoot.

Musically, several of the songs owe largely to the instrumental/vocal prowess of Bill Wesley, who drummed, sang, and played guitar on the original recordings, and whose incomparable riffs, fills, leads, harmonies and nuances I have diligently sought to adequately replicate.


released June 8, 2017

Bec Abbot: vocals
Kane Freeman: lead guitar
Gord Mepham: keyboards
Joseph O'Leary: handclaps, animal voices
Zoe Thiessen: violin

Incidental Music homepage banner artwork:
"The Frieze of the Prophets," John Singer Sargent (American) 1902
Left-to-right: Zephaniah, Joel, Obadiah, Hosea, Amos, Nahum, Ezekiel, Daniel, Elijah, Moses (with Ten Commandments), Joshua, Jeremiah, Jonah, Isaiah, Habakkuk, Micah, Haggai, Malachi, Zechariah.


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