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A Night at Grace's (full album)

by Red Rain

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Turning 05:30
Everything and nothing both seem possible I am hanging, twisting in between Trapped between fast forward and instant replay Over and over and over – the same old scene From somewhere far away and deep inside of me I can hear You whispering my name I turn away, turn back again to hear You say “You … are the reason that I came’ Each time I turn away the landscape changes When I turn back You’re still standing there Down below a thousand fires are smouldering Higher up there’s cleaner, purer air I run into a deep and empty wilderness Thinking I am running away from You Overhead the sky is bleached, impervious Where it touches earth it’s a richer shade of blue
Blues ain’t nothin’ but a heart out lookin’ for a home It’s a lost heart out lookin,' busted up and all alone Blues ain’t nothin’ but a soul out cryin’ in the wind A voice cryin’ in the wilderness, sick and tired of all it’s been Blues ain’t nothin’ but a wound wantin’ to be healed Cannot see it but it’s so real Blues ain’t nothin’ but desire been unsatisfied Just a burnin’ empty longing, chasin’ down another lie Blues ain’t nothin’ but a body hangin’ on a tree And He, if He be lifted, gonna set the captive free
There’s a city ‘cross the river and it’s shining from within People are dancing on the ramparts Beckoning to you to come on in To the city of refuge You better run, you better hide Stay low on the saddle as you ride There’s one more river you got to cross Got to bear the weight of what you’ve lost That river is hungry, jealous as the grave Got to let go of the things you want to save … I love the dark, I love the night I feel so naked when the sun is shining bright I wash my hands, can’t get them clean My mind replays every sordid scene That river wails a mournful tune A song as cold and lonely as the moon Now saddle up, it’s time to go I love you more than you could ever know I’m by your side – no, you’re not lost Every man got to carry his own cross So pick it up, let go your pride I swear I’ll meet you on the other side …
I know You been down every hole I ever fell into You bought back every heart I stole Now they all belong to You It’s hard down here Hard to see the sky It’s hard to believe I’m a diamond in Your eyes Running through a dream last night I wrestled You till dawn You broke me as You held me tight You named me and were gone I’d climb each trail again Through forest field or waste Love distilled each drop of pain And I’d die for just one taste …
Got your call, Your voice sounded strange You said that a lot of things have changed Been aching, hoping for so long There were things between us that were wrong Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine Ooo - water into wine My ma chere amie-o, oh so fine Muddy water turning into wine Pretending we were close drove me away All those things kept getting in the way Let’s make a fire and burn ‘em so you see I’ll come near if You’ll come near to me I want some wild and crazy kind of dance Not some heartless version of romance Hand in hand let’s risk something new ‘Cause what I really really want is You Cabernet and Bordeaux, Chardonnay Chianti, baby, they all fade away Chateauneuf du pape goin’ let you down What I’m makin like nothin else around I love to dream in shades of You Not thinking bout a bunch of things to do Yeah …. Just bein’ there with You My heart just pounds if that’s what You want too
I’m going up country Gonna find some higher ground Flood waters been a-rising ‘less I move I believe I’m gonna drown I just wanna go the distance The whole distance with You Make more difference what I be Than anything I ever do Oh, I been longing Longing so much for Your tender care I been dreaming such a long time What it’s like with You there I been looking and a-searching Oh Lord I need a home I know I hit the bottom I cannot make it on my own Been wandering all these years Now I need You by my side Been running such a long time Ain’t no place left for me to hide
Killing Time 05:02
Somewhere out there the water meets the sky Blue meets blue in an everlasting kiss I’m longing for something that I can’t describe But I know without a doubt I was made for this The vampire night drops sharp as a guillotine Voices of the stars call across an eternal sea I’m drowning, drowning in a deep desire This killing time is killing me Do you call that passion? My child you don’t know what passion is … Do you call that passion? For a handful of change you’d betray Me with a kiss Let me tell you ‘bout passion: Sweating drops of blood just to save you from all this Let me tell you ’bout passion … Sometimes I think I hear angelic choirs Sometimes I feel the flames just licking at my feet I’m drowning, drowning in a deep desire This killing time is killing me Passion…
I Thirst 05:59
Venetian shadows lie here and stare Incessant heat, listless air Throb of a diesel, nighthawk screams Long for some water but drift to a dream I thirst I thirst … No clouds in the desert, dunes everywhere Shimmering haze, cellophane air A beckoning pool in the distance ahead But when I arrive it’s just sand instead I thirst I thirst Let me drink where the cool water flows I come to this well like so often before Oasis of habit brings me back for more You wait unchanging as these desert skies Only You, only You can satisfy I thirst I thirst… Anguish of spirit, turbulent fatigue On account of a quest of endless intrigue Your tongue cleaves to your jaws ‘neath a blacked-out sun You pour Yourself out – living water has come I thirst I thirst… You said it yourself I hear it again and again My own longing echoes your pain And I thirst
Hey Louis 03:54
Hey, Louis, how do you do? Got a minute, can I talk with you? It’s not a dream; tears aren’t what they seem Movies ain’t like they used to be I miss the part where you get set free It’s not a dream; tears aren’t what they seem Could it be? Yeah, I know it’s a chance – Some way to change this crying to a dance She never promised it would end this way I believed all she had to say It’s not a dream; tears aren’t what they seem Hey, Lou, I need to hear a song That heals the hurt, makes me sing along It’s not a dream; tears aren’t what they seem Could it be? I know it’s a chance ... Hey Lou, who can explain How this sadness turns to joy And peace comes from the pain? If only there could be some clue Some way it all could be true It’s not a dream; tears aren’t what they seem I like to think about a time to come When tears reflect bright shining sun It’s not a dream; tears aren’t what they seem Could it be? I know it’s a chance ...
Went down to Queen Street, saw the hip kid there All dressed in black, rainbows in her hair Rings in her nose, in her eyebrows too Pierced in so many places it made me think of you You keep on calling me up You keep on calling me near You keep on calling me higher and closer Til Your voice is all I can hear I’m terrified of losing control But You keep on telling me You just want to make me whole Talk, talk, talk, talk – 6 billion tongues Fill up the ozone with 6 billion songs All unique, every one the same Every voice is Yours – You know every name ... Now I get lost with my eyes on the ground When I look up, it makes me look around At all that painful beauty, everything that’s true Everything I see now makes me think of You
Jar of Clay 04:34
I’m not good but I’m forgiven I’m not pure, but I’m made pure Sure not righteous but I’m clothed in righteousness It’s the work of Jesus for sure You put your light in this jar of clay You shine out as I fall apart Discarded for faults and weakness But I’m found deep in Your heart But I’m found deep in Your heart It’s not much but I keep believing in You It’s the only thing I can do Your mercy love keeps chasing me down Somehow making me new I just want to be content in You Not weighed down by my stubborn will What matters most is looking at You Being quiet and being still I know I’m an earthen vessel Until I see You face to face And I know You’ll make sure that I get home Grace upon grace upon grace …
I just saw an angel walking down the street And he do that crazy shuffle – got to love those funky feet The sound of the city is the pounding of his heartbeat He raise up his hands in blessing to everyone he meet And he’s talking ‘bout love Talking ‘bout love He’s talking ‘bout love … love He got hair white like wool and eyes like burning coal Newspapers in his boots and fire down in his soul His tears run like the rivers down his glowing face He got a smile just like the stars, full of truth and grace I just saw an angel …
It’s true that I’m confused about so many things And I haven’t got a clue about what tomorrow brings It’s a mystery to me where all my money goes But I tell you this one thing that I do surely know She smiles at the future but she don’t forget the past And she lives every day like it might be her last It’s a mystery to me how she has been set free But I tell you this one thing that I can surely see If all could become only And God would grant the sum Of my dreams and my desires Then she would be the one She’s made like a diamond but she shines like polished gold She’s clothed in fine white linen with grace in every fold It’s a mystery to me where her light comes from But I tell you this one thing that leaves me all undone …
Hungry and thirsty, walking down the street Looking in the windows at the good things to eat and drink But I got no money in my pocket and all my dreams are torn I know I am not welcome in these places, no – I do not belong but I want it all so bad I can almost taste it Wanna drink some wine wanna eat some bread I’m looking for a land of milk and honey Yes I remember one hot summer evening When the dying sun hung like a great big purple eyeball Weeping all over the buildings while the muscle cars on Yonge Street Lurched from stoplight to stoplight And the panhandlers and the hookers And the road warriors and the hot dog vendors And the suits and the rock stars were all stumbling through the haze Wanna drink some wine wanna eat some bread I’m looking for a land of milk and honey Deepest blue I hear a saxophone play Leading the band in the resurrection parade I walk into this room it was the sanctuary of an old church And the band is sitting there Leaning on their instruments with a look of glory in their eyes So we jammed a while I think it was a blues shuffle in A Then this rat-tailed drummer puts down his sticks And give me a look and says, “So tell me, son, what are you really doing here?” I said Wanna drink some wine… And you know when a man will not satisfy his hunger With the things that are righteous he fills up on whatever is at hand There’s a man standing in the alley Singing out of the dark straight to my heart “Come and get it, wine, good wine, milk and honey and fresh bread And it won’t cost you nothing because it’s already been paid for.” Wanna drink some wine… Deepest blue I hear a saxophone play Leading the band in the resurrection parade Way off in the back corner of heaven is a tiny barrio Where all the people live who just barely squeezed through the gate And in its dingiest corner is a greasy little lounge Called Grace’s Bar and Grill … Red Rain has the house gig there for all eternity … and every Thursday night the Lord stops in to play saxophone Wanna drink some wine Wanna eat some bread ...


Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Special thanks to:
Phil Manning (Hammond B3 organ on tracks 1, 6, 9 and 10)
Annie Robins, Linda Rumsby, Mark Varadarjan, Rob Young and a host of volunteers for all the work they do to make band performances true communal celebrations;
and Melodie Ng, for her beautiful photography and graphic work on this project.

And above all, thanks to Jesus, who is Lord and who gave His life for us, and to God our Father, the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

"A Night at Grace's" shares its title with regular concerts held at Sanctuary in Toronto. "At Sanctuary, we are becoming a healthy, welcoming community where people who are poor or excluded are particularly valued. This community is an expression of the good news embodied in Jesus Christ." This recording was funded by Sanctuary, and all proceeds return there to support its charitable work.

All music and lyrics © 2006 by Red Rain (Les Brown, Greg Paul, Dan Robins and Doug Virgin)


released March 6, 2021

Red Rain is ...

Les Brown (drums, percussion, congas)
Greg Paul (keyboards, harmonica, accordion, lead vocals)
Dan Robins (guitars, backing vocals)
Doug Virgin (bass, charango, guitar synth, engineering, mixing, production)

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