1. Reading Through My Bible

  2. Thank You, Lord

  3. Bell of Righteousness

  4. Jesus and His Kingdom Come

  5. Anthology

  6. Anthology II

  7. Eye of the Hurricane (full album)
    Red Rain

  8. Welcome to Love (full album)

  9. These Are The Days: Songs from the Refuge (full album)

  10. The Word of God

  11. Tribulation

  12. Where I Belong

  13. Journey To A Sacred Place (full album)
    Dan Robins

  14. Pilgrimage (full album)

  15. Sell the Farm, Buy the Pearl (full album)
    Dan Robins

  16. Final Notice (full album)
    The Metal Monks

  17. Anticipation Blues

  18. Livin' in Bible Times

  19. If It Twernt for Those Days

  20. Everlasting Life

  21. John Palmer Tribute

  22. Sacred Heart (full album)

  23. A Night at Grace's (full album)
    Red Rain

  24. Underdog (full album)

  25. Consider Jesus

  26. Memories

  27. Do Not Take the Mark

  28. Will You Be Left Behind

  29. Ghost-written (full album)

  30. In the Image (full album)
    Red Rain

  31. Archives, B-Sides & Oddments
    Various Artists

  32. Manse Unplugged (full album)

  33. His Eye Is On Me
    Dan Robins

  34. This Side (of the Jordan)

  35. Carousel Christian

  36. Aslan (Is On the Move)
    The Reepicheep Mariachi Ensemble

  37. Christ College Collection
    Various artists

  38. Interlude (full album)

  39. Somewhere In This, There's Love (full album)
    Red Rain

  40. Tree of Life (full album)

  41. Cool of the Day

  42. Isaiah 53

  43. The Door

  44. Thank Me Later

  45. Rise Again

  46. Dancin' in the Eye (of the Hurricane)
    Red Rain

  47. Psalm 19:14/Pilgrimage

  48. Call Unto Me

  49. I Asked the Lord

  50. Holy Spirit, Come
    Dan Robins

  51. Lady Julia

  52. Singing Over You
    Kane Freeman

  53. Proverbs

  54. The Grey Town

  55. Turn to Gold
    Dan Robins

  56. Set Her Free

  57. Easter Song
    Dan Robins

  58. Eucharistia

  59. Lord of the Harvest

  60. Something Happening

  61. Greater Love
    Red Rain

  62. Psalm 42 (O, My Soul)

  63. Resurrection Parade
    Red Rain

  64. The Man Who Couldn't Let It Go
    The Tragic Figures

  65. Some Are Meant To Walk Alone
    Shaun Weber

  66. Proof of the Heart
    Dan Robins

  67. Nothing In Me

  68. Yet You've Come
    Jack & Chemmy Lam

  69. Psalm 30

  70. The Bleeding Charity

  71. To You, O My Strength/Arise, Shine

  72. Your Tender Mercy

  73. Welcome to Love

  74. My First Love

  75. Underdog

  76. Vagabond (the Double-Minded Man)

  77. Beechwood Forest

  78. When He Broke the Bread
    Kane Freeman

  79. Deadline

  80. I Thirst
    Red Rain

  81. Wondrous
    Suneal Pal

  82. When the Son Comes Down
    The Metal Monks

  83. Jesus On My Mind

  84. God Help Me
    Tom Herr

  85. Hold On
    Strange Boat

  86. Will You Be There?

  87. Why Can't I?
    The Collective

  88. Flee the Wrath to Come

  89. Hallelujah, What A Saviour

  90. Song For You
    Strange Boat

  91. Gallimaufry

  92. Laughing At Me

  93. Barabbas

  94. Come, Thou Fount

  95. Golgotha

  96. My Precious Child

  97. Lord's Prayer

  98. Grace Is Bigger Than Me
    Strange Boat

  99. Last Call

  100. Holy Father
    Shaun Weber

  101. Take My Life and Let It Be

  102. Tree of Life

  103. Lady in Waiting

  104. No Greater Love (Korean)
    Grace Kwon

  105. The Love of God

  106. Changing Trains

  107. Blessed

  108. Sing It Heartily
    Dan Robins

  109. Where Are You Now?

  110. Homeless Stranger

  111. Sacred Heart

  112. Destiny in Glory

  113. Sad Blue Planet

  114. I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say

  115. A Twilight Trilogy

  116. Can't You See That He Loves You
    The Metal Monks

  117. Seasons of the Heart

  118. Journey To A Sacred Place
    Dan Robins

  119. All Things New

  120. Such A Day As This

  121. City Boy Blues/Never Surrender

  122. Run Away

  123. Remembrance

  124. A Long-Lost Son

  125. I Await Thee

  126. Reverse Ground

  127. King of the Universe

  128. The Glory To Be Revealed

  129. He Loves You Still

  130. Behold the Man

  131. My Lord and My God

  132. Much Tribulation

  133. The Lonely Saint

  134. New Age Messiah

  135. Devil's Advocate

  136. Eleven Fifty-Nine
    Reverse Cherokee


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